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Curious About What Engineers Think About The Development Tools They Use?

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VDC recently conducted a survey of the embedded engineering community to determine how engineers view the different types of development tools that they use.  
For each of the tools an engineer reported using, they were asked to rate it based upon the following factors:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Effect on project schedule/time to market
  • Criticality to success of the current project
  • Impact on product quality
  • Impact on engineering productivity
  • Difficulty/ease to learn to use tool
  • Level of corporate endorsement
  • Criticality/need for tool to be well integrated with other tools used
  • Likeliness to use current brand of tool again

Products within the following classes of tools are rated in this study:

  • Bug/issue track tools
  • Build/production management tools
  • Build tools
  • Dynamic GUI/HMI design tools
  • Dynamic testing tools
  • ESL synthesis tools
  • IP/licensing/compliance/component management tools
  • Model-based testing tools
  • Project management tools
  • Proprietary language-based modeling tools
  • Requirements management tools
  • Source/change/configuration management tools
  • Standard language-based modeling tools
  • Static analysis tools
  • Virtual system prototyping/simulation tools

More detailed information is also available to provide insight into how engineers’ opinions and preferences vary by:

  • Size of company’s engineering organization
  • Current project team size
  • Region
  • Vertical market

Stayed tuned to our blog over the coming weeks as we post about some of the most interesting findings from this research and provide more information about its general availability and packaging.



Written by Valery Portnyagin

02/02/2010 в 16:48

Опубликовано в Pro embedded

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