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6 веб-приложений для владельцев малого бизнеса

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Интересный-полезный набор программ для тех кто владеет небольшим бизнесом.

There are so many applications on the web today, how do business owners know which ones to actually download? Dave Yoken, CEO of Macuity, a Boston-based IT consulting firm and support service company, has done the work for you.  Dave has researched numerous applications that are designed for small to medium sized businesses.  Following are the top six most useful applications that every small business should know.

Evernote (Mac/iPhone)- Evernote is a note management program that keeps track of all your miscellaneous information that is floating around in your brain, in stickies on your desk, on notepads and elsewhere. You can keep track of typed notes, audio notes, pictures you take, and you can even capture website content into Evernote. The program not only allows you to consolidate all of your information into one place, but you can tag and organize your notes for easy retrieval. In addition, Evernote allows you to sync your notes between Macs, PCs, iPhones, BlackBerries, and other mobile devices, so no matter where you are working, your information is synched perfectly!

DropBox (Mac/iPhone)- DropBox is a system that allows you to synchronize your files (documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc.) across multiple computers and your mobile device. Basically, the program sets up a folder on your computer that is always in sync, so no matter what you put in that folder, it is synchronized to your DropBox account. Thus it is also synchronized to all other computers on which you set up the same DropBox account. It is a simple and elegant way to share files with yourself, or with colleagues, regardless of where they are located, and it presents a simple way to back up files to DropBox’s online servers without the hassle of installing complex backup software on your computer.

Shoeboxed (iPhone)- Shoeboxed allows a business owner to take a picture of a receipt on their phone, and automatically enter that information into an expense report, or exported to QuickBooks. Forget about the worry of losing receipts!

1Password (Mac/iPhone/iPad)- 1Password eliminates the nightmare of managing, remembering, and creating passwords. In a nutshell, 1Password is like a secure file cabinet where you can store all of your website logins, wallet information (like credit card, passport information, social security numbers, and other sensitive information), software licenses, and other personal information. All of your data is securely protected by one master password. Perhaps the greatest feature about 1Password is that it works within Safari and Firefox and allows you to click a button and automatically log in to websites whose passwords you have been previously stored, no matter which browser you are using. In addition, 1Password generates highly secure passwords when you need them, and can sync across multiple computers via DropBox (see #2).

Things for Mac (Mac/iPhone/iPad)- Things is a very simple To-Do List management application based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) organizational philosophy. The cool aspect of Things is that at its core, it creates the ability to establish a To-Do list in an effortless manner. The interface is very easy to navigate, and adding notes, due dates, and organizational tags to your To-Do items is a cinch. In addition, Things allows you to delve deeper into more advanced features that require more complex organizational rules like Projects and Areas of Responsibility.

NetNewsWire (Mac)- NetNewsWire is a free and easy to use RSS feed reader for the Mac. An RSS feed is a document that contains a partial or full set of articles delivered from a weblog, news headline or other web site that updates its content often. Instead of navigating to each of your favorite web sites for news, you can simply subscribe to each site’s RSS feed. Then NetNewsWire collects all of the updated articles from all of your favorite sites into one convenient place. Using an RSS feed reader saves you time by allowing you to get all of your news updates with a single click of the mouse instead of spending time browsing multiple web sites for updates. NetNewsWire does this job extremely well.

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LBS — золотая жила для рекламы

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29 апреля 2010 In fact, one in four U.S. adults use mobile location-based services, according to a survey put out by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) last week. And nearly half of those users are responding to the included location-based ads.

Location-Based Ads See Nearly 50% Engagement Rates, Says MMA

In partnership with Luth Research, MMA surveyed 1,000 U.S. adult consumers from a demographically representative sample and found that, as of mid-March, 91% of the respondents have a cellphone and 26% of that group has used a «map, navigation or some other mobile phone service that automatically determines your current location,» reads the MMA release on this data.

A few other interesting findings:

  • 10% of cellphone owners use location-based mobile services at least once per week
  • 63% of iPhone owners use location-based mobile services at least once per week
  • Adults ages 25-34 are frequent users of location services, with 22% using them at least once a week.
  • Consumers are interested in allowing their phone to automatically share their location in exchange for perks, such as free use of mobile applications and mobile coupons.

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LTE побьет WiMax к 2011 году

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26 апреля 2010 The cellular infrastructure world is buzzing as LTE (Long Term Evolution) gains momentum to bring wireless customers one step closer to a viable 4G mobile network. According to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC), more than a dozen new networks are poised to go live this year, and spending on LTE will exceed WiMAX equipment spending by the end of 2011. Worldwide LTE infrastructure revenues will fall just below $8 billion by 2014.

The commitment level to LTE is high with more than 100 operators publicly supporting it, including nine of the ten largest mobile operators worldwide. «The world is coalescing around the LTE standard as a result of its promise to increase speed and capacity to address the exploding growth in mobile data traffic,» said Godfrey Chua, research manager, Wireless and Mobile Infrastructure. «LTE is an important part of the portfolio of technology solutions that will enable mobile operators to cost-effectively deliver more innovative and robust data applications and services over the mobile network.»Читать далее


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Papirosen — Песня в исполнении сестер Берри

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а вот еще одна песенка:

Сестры Клер и Мерна Берри были первыми, кто сделал популярную адаптацию еврейским народным песням для массовой аудитории.

Начали петь они в США, но их огромные способности принесли им популярность, сделав их международным дуэтом. Немалую роль в этом сыграл замечательный талант аранжировщика, продюсера и композитора Абрахама Еллстеина, руководителя дуэта.

Голос Клэр — выше; у младшей Мерны более низкий. Что они пели? Все от удивительного Hava Nagila, Abi Gezunt, Zuges Mir Noch Amool, и Dem Nyem Scher, Ciao Ciao Bambina. Репертуар сестер Берри включал песни на девяти языках.

Автор слов — Herman Yablokoff
Холодная ночь.Всюду туманная темнота.
Стоит грустный мальчик и смотрит по сторонам.
Лишь стена защищает его от дождя.
В руке он держит кошёлку.
В его глазах немая мольба:
У меня нет уже сил бродить по улице
Голодным, оборваным, мокрым от дождя.
С расвета я брожу и никто не дал заработать.
Все смеются и издеваются надо мной.

Купите же папиросы,
Сухие не залитые дождем.
Купите дешево ,честное слово.
Купите сжальтесь надо мной.
Спасите сироту от смерти.
Купите замечательные спички,
Этим вы поддержите жизнь сироты
Тщетны мои крики и беготня,
Никто не хочет у меня купить,
Я умру медленной смертью на улице, как собакаМой отец потерял на войне руки,
Моя мать не смогла выдержать горя,
Загнавшее ее в могилу.
Я остался на свете
Несчастным и одиноким как камень.
Чтобы поесть, я собираю крошки на старом рынке.
Жесткая скамейка в холодном парке служит мне постелью.
И еще полицейские избивают меня тяжелыми плетьми,
И мои мольбы и плач не помогают.

У меня была родная сестренка
С ней вместе мы блуждали целый год.
С ней мне было намного легче.
Когда я смотрел на нее, притуплялся голод.
Неожиданно она ослабла и серьезно заболела.
На холодной скамейке в парке она умерла на моих руках.
С ее смертью я потерял все.
Так пусть же смерть придет и ко мне.

a kalte nacht a nebeldike fintster umetum
shteyt a yingele fartroyert un kukt sich arum
fun regn shitst im nor a want
a kosikl halt er in hant
un sayne oigen betn jedn shtum:
ich hob shoyn nit keyn koyech mer arumtsugeyn in gas
hungerik and opgerisn, fun dem regn nas
ich shlep arum sich fun baginen keiner git nit zu fardinen
ale lachn machn fun mir shpas

kupitye koyft zhe koyft zhe papirosn
trukene fun regn nit fargosn
koyft zhe, bilik benemones
koyft un hot oyf mir rakhmones
ratevet fun hunger mikh atsind
kupitye koyft zhe, shevebelakh antikn
dermit ver ir a yosiml derkvikn
umsist mayn shrayen un main loifn
keiner wil bai mir nit koifn —
oisgein welich musn wi a hunt

mayn tate in milchome hot farloyrn sayne hent
mayn mame hot di zores mer oishaltn nit gekent
yung in keywer zi getribn
bin ich oif der welt farblibn
umgliklach un elnt vi a shteyn
breklech klayb ich oif zum esn oif dem altn mark
a harte bank is mayn geleger in dem kaltn park
in dertsu di poitsyantn shlogn mich mit shwerdn, kantn,
s’helft nit mayn bet, mayn geveyn

ich hob gehat a shvesterl, a kind fun der natur
mit mir tsuzamen sich geshlept hot si a gantsn yor,
mit ir geven is mir fil gringer
leichter wern flegt der hinger wen ich fleg a kukt on nor oif ir.
mit a mol govern is si shwach un seyer krank
oif mayne hent geshtorbn si, oif a gassn bank.
un az ich hob si farloyrn hob ich alts shion ongeworn
sol der toit schoin kumn oich zu mir

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Стек NFC будет с открытым кодом

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21 апреля 2010 года As a result of the success of its Open NFC™ commercial-grade NFC protocol stack, INSIDE Contactless, a leading provider of advanced, open-standard contactless chip technologies, today announced it is making the Open NFC protocol stack more widely available, placing the full source code and full API documentation on for free download. The source code for the core Open NFC version 3.5 software – including Android, Windows Mobile, Linux and Java (JSR-257) editions – and API documentation will be available on starting May 15, and a web site with more information on Open NFC can be found at As the only provider of Open NFC software in the industry, this move extends INSIDE’s software stack as the de facto open solution for NFC enablement on mobile devices.

Open NFC supports several levels of functionality, from low-level RF control to high-level NFC Forum tag handling, peer-to-peer communications as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing, interactions with single-wire protocol SIMs and other secure elements and compatibility with smart cards and RFID tags based on Felica, Mifare and ISO 14443 standards…

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Top 10 YouTube Videos About The Web

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Our selection of the 10 most popular YouTube videos about the Web is of course based on page views. But we also filtered the results for videos that are most true to explaining the big-picture version of what the Web is. The selection includes some of the most creative ways the growth of the Web has ever been explained.

The fast paced growth of the Web too often keeps us focused on the latest and greatest, to the point were we lose perspective for how the Web has changed over time. So let’s take a step back and get a more culturally-oriented overview of the Web. From a 1969 film about an internet that didn’t have a name, to the most recent video on the Future of Publishing — as both nostalgia and analysis, we offer you these videos to help you reflect.

  1. Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

  2. 10,892,454 views

  3. Internet People!

  4. 3,316,195 views

  5. History of the Internet

  6. 1,944,479 views
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Top 10 YouTube Videos About Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

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Over the past 20 years the two people most prominent in the world of personal computing have been Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Sometimes they’ve worked as partners, mostly as the opposite. So in the end who wins?

ReadWriteWeb wants you to be the judge. After viewing these 10 videos, it’s up to you to decide who gives a better graduation speech, who makes the best cartoon character, and who is better at being funny. Who’s the bigger alpha in the dating game, who’s better at saying nice things about their opponent, and finally, who is better at leaving their business?

Tell us in the comments who wins!

  1. SuperNews!: Gates vs. Jobs

  2. 2,640,083 views

  3. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 1

  4. 1,498,231 views

  5. Bill Gates Speech at Harvard (part 1)

  6. 1,044,381 views
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