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Top 10 YouTube Videos About The Web

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Our selection of the 10 most popular YouTube videos about the Web is of course based on page views. But we also filtered the results for videos that are most true to explaining the big-picture version of what the Web is. The selection includes some of the most creative ways the growth of the Web has ever been explained.

The fast paced growth of the Web too often keeps us focused on the latest and greatest, to the point were we lose perspective for how the Web has changed over time. So let’s take a step back and get a more culturally-oriented overview of the Web. From a 1969 film about an internet that didn’t have a name, to the most recent video on the Future of Publishing — as both nostalgia and analysis, we offer you these videos to help you reflect.

  1. Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

  2. 10,892,454 views

  3. Internet People!

  4. 3,316,195 views

  5. History of the Internet

  6. 1,944,479 views

  7. Social Media Revolution

  8. 1,734,985 views

  9. Internet Party: When Google’s parents leave town…

  10. 841,295 views

  11. 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON

  12. 643,333 views

  13. The Internet in 1969

  14. 567,941 views

  15. Web 2.0

  16. 544,862 views

  17. The Internet Stars Are Viral

  18. 434,424 views

  19. The Future of Publishing

  20. 431,759 views

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22/04/2010 в 09:57

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