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LTE побьет WiMax к 2011 году

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26 апреля 2010 The cellular infrastructure world is buzzing as LTE (Long Term Evolution) gains momentum to bring wireless customers one step closer to a viable 4G mobile network. According to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC), more than a dozen new networks are poised to go live this year, and spending on LTE will exceed WiMAX equipment spending by the end of 2011. Worldwide LTE infrastructure revenues will fall just below $8 billion by 2014.

The commitment level to LTE is high with more than 100 operators publicly supporting it, including nine of the ten largest mobile operators worldwide. «The world is coalescing around the LTE standard as a result of its promise to increase speed and capacity to address the exploding growth in mobile data traffic,» said Godfrey Chua, research manager, Wireless and Mobile Infrastructure. «LTE is an important part of the portfolio of technology solutions that will enable mobile operators to cost-effectively deliver more innovative and robust data applications and services over the mobile network.»Читать далее


Written by Valery Portnyagin

26/04/2010 в 15:51

Опубликовано в LTE vs WiMax

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